Books and Catalogs

"Luigi Zaini e la fabbrica di cioccolato: Storia, arte e racconti." Curated by Luigi Sansone. Milan, Italy: Comune di Milano, 2013.

"Kitsch-oggi il kitsch."  Curated by Gillo Dorfles. Bologna, Italy: Editrice Compositori, 2012.

"Outdoor Sculpture in Baltimore." By Cindy Kelly. Baltimore, Maryland: Johns Hopkins University Press, 2011.

"Art for Land's Sake."  Baltimore County, Maryland: Valleys Planning Council, 2011

"The Seven Deadly Sins."  Baltimore, Maryland: Maryland Art Place, 2008.

"Cavalli in Piazza."  Curated by Roberto Borghi. Piacenza, Italy: Laboratorio delle Arti Associazione Culturale, 2008.

"Trashformations East."  By Lloyd E. Herman. Brockton, Massachusetts: Fuller Craft Museum, 2005.

"23rd Smithsonian Craft Show."  Curated by the Smithsonian Women's Committee. Washington, DC: Printing Images, 2005.

"Art Week 2004."  Baltimore, Maryland: Baltimore Choral Arts Society, 2004.

"The Fine Art of the Tin Can." By Bobby Hansson. New York: Sterling Publishing Company, 2004.

"40 Peintres Americains a Rochefort-en-terre."  Rochefort-en-terre, Brittany, France: Chateau de Rochefort-en-terre, 2003.

"The Men of MAP."  Baltimore, Maryland: Maryland Art Place, 2003.

"Leonard Streckfus: lo Scultore del 'Gran Ri-Fiuto'."  By Luigi Sansone. Piacenza, Italy: Galleria Solaria Arte, , 2002.

"Sculpture at Evergreen."  By Cindy Kelly. Baltimore, Maryland: Evergreen House of the Johns Hopkins University, 2000.

"Art Rocks."  Baltimore, Maryland: Maryland Art Place, 1999.

"Trashformations: Recycled Materials in Contemporary American Art and Design."  By Lloyd E. Herman. Bellingham, Washington: Whatcom Museum of History and Art, 1998.

"Art Swings."  Baltimore, Maryland: Maryland Art Place, 1998.

"MAP at 15."  Baltimore, Maryland: Maryland Art Place, 1997.

"Concorso Internazionale di Scultura Arona 1996."  Arona, Italy: Ente Fiera del Lago Maggiore, 1996.

"Furniture as Art/Room as Allusion."  Curated by Alan Lazarus. Baltimore, Maryland: Maryland Art Place, 1986.

"The 1980 Maryland Biennial Exhibition."  Juried by Martin Puryear. Baltimore, Maryland: Baltimore Museum of Art, 1980.